A New Model of Reality


A New Model of Reality

A computer screen or virtual reality headset converts underlying computer code into a visible reality, such as a desktop or a game-world. Well, that’s exactly what our consciousness does too. Our consciousness is just like a VR headset, and the underlying reality is informational, just like computer code.

The physical reality that we see is a simplified graphical representation of an underlying informational reality. So we aren’t actually perceiving an objective reality – we are rendering (or manifesting) reality on-the-fly, as we experience it. And this applies to our entire experience of reality, not just our visual experience.

A New Model of Reality

The important and extremely difficult task of our time is to work on the construction of a new idea of reality .

Wolfgang Pauli

Quantum physics pioneer

Special Relativity

Imagine a spaceship that can only fly at 1000 mph… If you were in a similar spaceship travelling alongside the first one, it would appear to be stationary, relative to you. But if your spaceship was travelling in the opposite direction to the first one, it would appear to be moving at 2000 mph, relative to you. This is exactly what we would expect, and this principle applies to every object in the universe, but it doesn’t apply to light (electromagnetic radiation)!

Now imagine that you are incredibly small and are riding on beam of light at 186,000 miles per second… It wouldn’t matter which direction you were travelling in relative to other beams of light – they would all appear to be moving at 186,000 mi/s. If you got off your beam of light, from your now stationary standpoint, all of the beams of light would still appear to be moving at 186,000 mi/s. This makes absolutely no sense, and suggests that reality is a lot stranger than most people imagine!

Reality isn’t Objective

The fact that the speed of light is the same for all observers, no matter how fast they may be moving, proves that reality doesn’t objectively exist. If reality objectively existed, everything would move around within that objective space, meaning everything (including light) would move relative to the objective background of space. But light doesn’t behave like that – its speed is always relative to the observer – which proves that the observer’s consciousness is more fundamental than space and matter.

Objects and phenomena are experienced, whereas light is part of the mechanism that manifests physical reality (i.e. our consciousness), just as pixels illuminate to manifest a computer-generated reality. So the light of consciousness is the background of our subjective reality, and objects and phenomena are the foreground. This explains why the speed of light is always relative to the observer, but everything else moves relative to that subjective background.

Our consciousness doesn’t observe the screen of reality – our consciousness is the screen of reality. So reality doesn’t objectively exist or permanently exist – it only comes into (subjective) existence when it is experienced by our consciousness. In short: Perception isn’t a window on objective reality, it is a process that makes reality subjectively perceptible.

The Speed of Light is Zero

Light doesn’t move around “out there” in objective reality because it only exists “in here”, in our own individual subjective reality. So the “speed of light” is actually the refresh rate of our consciousness. It is the fastest rate at which the “pixels” of our consciousness can sequentially illuminate, i.e. the speed of manifestation. Nothing ever actually moves because there is no objectively-existing space for anything to move through, because space, time, matter, objects and movement don’t objectively exist – they only subjectively exist within our consciousness. The only “movement” is the apparent movement caused by the pixels of our consciousness illuminating sequentially.

Consciousness is Primary

The underlying informational reality is decoded and rendered (or manifested) into an experienceable reality by our unconscious mind, and is then experienced by our conscious mind. So consciousness is primary and physical reality is secondary, i.e. derived from consciousness. Since consciousness is the fundamental nature of reality, and we only experience a small localised piece of it, the rest of reality (the unmanifest informational totality) can only be described as universal consciousness, or the mind of God. So this new model of reality seems to prove the existence of God! 

Each individual consciousness (soul) is a bubble within the infinite ocean of universal consciousness, or a character within God’s dream. I am using the term “God” here in a non-religious sense, as shorthand for universal consciousness.

Proof of God?

Some might argue that this doesn’t necessarily prove the existence of God, because reality could also be a computer simulation, just like in The Matrix, but the creators’ supreme intellect and power would make them gods by any definition, so the point is moot. But more importantly, the whole point of a simulated reality is to not let the characters inside know that it’s a simulation, and the subjective nature of the speed of light (and reality) is such an obvious giveaway. It is actually the perfect hidden-in-plain-sight clue to “wake up” an intellectually evolving society, such as ours, before our materialistic and deterministic “wrong turn” carries us too far off course. And using accepted scientific evidence to prove the existence of God shows what a great sense of humour he has!

Understanding The New Model of Reality

So there it is… a new model of reality in a nutshell. But to understand it fully you really need to read the five previous articles, beginning with this one, which describes The Two Sides of Reality.

Words of Caution…

Consciousness is the fundamental nature of reality, and as such, its nature can be described as being subjective, virtual, holographic or dream-like, but reality is still very real – as real as it always has been. I am not devaluing reality in any way, and I am certainly not devaluing life. The only thing that changes with this new model of reality is that its fundamental nature is consciousness, not physical matter. If anything, reality is more real because everything is living consciousness instead of inert matter.

Life is incredibly precious, and everything we do has real-life consequences, so please don’t start living your life as if “it’s only a video game” because that could cause a lot of problems for yourself and others. And please don’t think you can play the “I didn’t do it, God did” card, because you are still a self-aware individual and, as such, are solely responsible for your own actions. The only thing that changes with this new perspective on life is that the underlying source of individual consciousness is universal consciousness, not neural activity in the brain.

I appreciate that this information is a major paradigm shift for humanity, and some may find that challenging, so it needs to be presented responsibly, comprehensively and in context. So I ask the Media to think carefully before using attention-grabbing headlines, out-of-context quotes and over-simplifications, which can be misleading and potentially harmful.

Just to be absolutely clear… I am not saying that reality is virtual, a simulation, a dream, or is in anyway unreal. Reality is very real, but because its fundamental nature is consciousness, reality does have holographic or dream-like qualities. There is nothing virtual about reality, it just manifests in a different way than we previously thought. The universe doesn’t exist “out there”, but it does exist “in here” – within our consciousness. As Rumi said, “This whole universe is inside you.”

Finally, this information isn’t new… It has been described by spiritual teachers and religious texts for millennia. The founding fathers of quantum mechanics also knew it (for the most part), but because Einstein didn’t like their interpretation of reality, it was never universally accepted. Modern metaphors now make it easier to explain and understand, and more physicists, philosophers, neuroscientists and researchers are beginning to realise the perennial truth about reality. So let’s use this new understanding of reality to create a better world, with more meaning, depth, connection and compassion.