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14c – Clairvoyance, Mediumship & Channeling Explained


Clairvoyance is the ability to objectively perceive the emotional (astral) world, or above. I use the word “ability” with slight reluctance because clairvoyance is usually the result of a damaged etheric web. So clairvoyance could technically be classed as a disability, albeit one that confers some very interesting “abilities”. Clairvoyance does not necessarily indicate a high level of consciousness or spiritual evolution because clairvoyants are found at all levels of human development, but most commonly in the 400s.

The body’s etheric web blocks out most of our objective perception of the emotional world, but not all of it. We all possess a small degree of objective emotional consciousness, but this dim perception is blocked by the dampening effect of our dense physical body and the intensity of our conscious mind. Our waking consciousness has become conditioned to see only the physical world because we live our waking lives in a physical environment. It takes a few years for our minds to become conditioned in this way, which explains why young children are sometimes able to see people (so-called “imaginary friends”) from the emotional world. As adults we may occasionally catch a glimpse of something in the corner of our eye, but when we turn to look there is nothing there.

Contrary to popular belief, clairvoyance is not perceived through the “third eye” (brow chakra) but through the solar plexus chakra. Only the subplanes that correspond to the active molecular kinds in a person’s subtle bodies may be viewed. Most clairvoyants are at the developed stage of the human kingdom and are only able to perceive five subplanes of the emotional world (2:1–2:5).

The 4-dimensional nature of the emotional world allows objects to be seen from every side at once, including the inside. This allows a closed book to be read with relative ease. When a physical object is viewed by a competent and trained clairvoyant they will be able to see the following:

  • The physical object (1:1–1:3). They will also be able to zoom in to the microscopic level and even see the atomic structure of the object.
  • The etheric counterpart of the physical object (1:4–1:6), including the subtle energy circulating through it.
  • The emotional counterpart of the physical object (2:1–2:3) from every possible angle at once, including the inside.
  • Also, the molecular memory (akashic record) of the object will impart its history.

The term “clairvoyance” means clear vision, which is often a bit of a misnomer since most clairvoyants don’t see that clearly. There are several reasons for this:

  • They may have limited capabilities or not know how to make full use of their abilities.
  • The 4-dimensional nature of the emotional world can cause confusion with numbers and words.
  • Beings and objects in the emotional world do not have the same permanence as those in the physical world – everything is much more fluid and temporary.
  • Subtle matter automatically reacts to the feintest expression of consciousness so it immediately expresses whatever thoughts, emotions, desires, expectations, ideas or opinions anyone nearby may have. This means that objective consciousness of the emotional world is not usually very objective.
  • The clairvoyant’s personal beliefs also colour their perceptions, making them even less objective. If a clairvoyant has a theory and they investigate it in the emotional world, they will find “evidence” to confirm their theory, whether it is true or not.
  • Some of the beings in the emotional world are black magicians, who are intent on spreading misinformation and half-truths to retard the evolution of humanity.

A great deal of attention, discernment and practise are required for a clairvoyant to learn to distinguish between temporary and permanent phenomena of the emotional world. A wise clairvoyant acquires esoteric knowledge before trusting their abilities, because only then are they able to discern the truth and put their abilities to effective use. For the rest, clairvoyance is an entertaining distraction that provides them (and others) with questionable information. That much is clear from the ever-growing body of vague and contradictory (but often well-meaning) mis-information that fills so many new-age books and websites.

Objective perception of the emotional world, mental world and causal world becomes easier at enlightenment, when the body’s etheric web is consumed by kundalini (and replaced with a finer version). Enlightened people are better able to control their abilities to ensure they are not misled by their own pre-conceived ideas or disinformation from unreliable sources.

People at the developed or humanistic stages can develop clairvoyance by practising certain yoga techniques that stimulate their chakras to enable objective information to be brought through their etheric web. However, the practice is not recommended because clairvoyance can severely hinder one’s spiritual development:

  • It distracts people from the more important work of developing their consciousness.
  • It gives people a false estimation of their level of development and can give rise to a spiritual ego.
  • Non-enlightened clairvoyants have no means of discerning truth from falsehood so they are easily misled. They generally believe everything they see and hear, not knowing that many things in the subtle worlds are the imaginative creations of relatively un-evolved beings.
  • Clairvoyance is the ability to see “behind the scenes”, but this undermines the main purpose of physical incarnation, i.e. restricting our consciousness to allow us to learn more effectively.
  • Some clairvoyants develop false belief systems, and this counteracts another important objective of physical incarnation: to overcome the illusions of the emotional world and the fictions of the mental world from below, so that we can permanently liberate ourselves from false beliefs.
  • Some clairvoyants try to make a living out of their “gift” by telling other people what they know via private readings, public appearances, books or websites. This is fine if the readings are accurate and helpful, but a lot of bad karma is generated if they mislead other people or spread misinformation (even if it is unknowingly).

The spontaneous acquisition of clairvoyance may be the result of practicing yogic techniques in this or a previous life, or it may be the karmic result (a damaged etheric web) of practicing magic or witchcraft in a previous life.

Visions and hallucinations are temporary bouts of clairvoyance, which may be brought on by drugs, trauma or fatigue. Visions are automatically constructed from emotional-world matter in response to the subconscious or super-conscious activity of the experiencer. In this respect, most visions can be described as externally perceived dreams.

Etheric vision is not clairvoyance but is simply an expansion of the faculty of physical sight. The physical eye is capable of seeing etheric matter, but the consumption of meat and animal products counteracts the refinement of the physical-etheric body and obstructs the natural activation of objective etheric consciousness (1:4–1:6). Etheric vision is like x-ray vision because it enables one to see through solid objects. It won’t be too long before scientists develop equipment capable of filming the etheric and emotional worlds – then they will no longer be able to deny the existence of the afterlife or the non-physical world.

Mediumship and Channeling

The subtle bodies of a medium are more loosely connected together than they are in a regular person. This allows the subtle bodies to be easily disconnected and enables a non-physical entity to take temporary control of the medium’s entire physical-etheric body or a large portion of their etheric body:

  • The medium’s physical-etheric body can be temporarily possessed by a non-physical entity to enable it to communicate with physical humans. The medium’s own emotional-mental body is displaced whilst the non-physical entity is in possession.
  • The medium can temporarily relinquish some matter from their etheric body to allow a non-physical entity to manifest. The vibratory state of the etheric matter can be slowed down so that the etheric manifestation becomes visible to the human eye. Some of the etheric matter can even be temporarily condensed into physical matter to enable the entity to interact with the physical world.

Mediumship should not be considered a psychic power because it actually involves relinquishing one’s power. A loosely connected subtle body is not a gift or a blessing; like clairvoyance it is a disability, but even more so. Mediumship is extremely detrimental to one’s long-term physical, emotional and mental health, so the practice is not recommended.

Additional problems arise when mediums communicate with discarnate entities to acquire information about the spirit world (emotional world). People don’t suddenly become more knowledgeable or enlightened when they die, so why would anyone believe a “dead” person over a “living” person? Any emotional-world entity that claims to be an ascended master, oversoul or archangel and offers “esoteric” knowledge is a fraud that cannot be trusted. True ascended masters do not communicate through mediums. The lowest world they operate in is the mental-causal world, and they communicate by direct thought transfer into the minds of their advanced students (who remain fully present and fully lucid during the communication).

Channeling differs from mediumship in that the emotional-world entity does not take possession of the person’s entire body; they just take control of the voice-box or the arm (in the case of automatic writing). True ascended masters do communicate in this way – they do not take control of anyone’s body or any part of their body.

Less than 20% of psychics, mediums and channelers are completely genuine, so it is no wonder that they rarely stand up to scientific scrutiny. Of the discarnate entities that seek to communicate through psychics, mediums and channelers, approximately 50% are actively trying to mislead us by spreading false or distorted information, 45% are well meaning but ill-informed so can tell us very little, and only 5% are authentic spirit guides who provide trustworthy and useful information.

Clairvoyants and mediums often call the physical world the “material world”, and the emotional world the “spiritual world”. This implies that there are only two worlds and gives the impression that the beings in the higher “spiritual world” are more knowledgeable than we are in the “material world”, but actually the reverse is true. Emotional consciousness contributes nothing to our understanding of reality; it is merely a driving-force to activate our mental consciousness. Beings that permanently reside in the emotional world do so because they have not activated their mental consciousness, so they know very little about the true nature of reality.

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