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New Age FAQ

New Age FAQ – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about new-age spirituality, free will, karma, fate, destiny, psychic abilities, telepathy, clairvoyance, mediumship, precognition, psychokinesis, and the law of attraction.

New Age FAQ

Do we have free will?

Will is not free if it is bound by the effects of our conditioned behaviours. Will is only free if we have sufficient conscious awareness to use it in a considered manner. Without conscious awareness we cannot respond, we can only react. We can consciously exert our will to work with the natural flow of Life; or we can subconsciously exert our will to resist the natural flow of life; or we can unconsciously sit back and do nothing:
• A wise fish actively swims with the flow and makes great progress.
• A stupid fish actively swims against the flow and gets nowhere (except very tired).
• A sleeping fish passively goes with the flow but learns nothing because it is asleep.

What is the law of freedom?

We all have the right to live, think, feel, say and do whatever we want, provided we don’t infringe anyone else’s freedom in doing so. Intolerance of another person’s point of view is a violation of their freedom, and the violation of any spiritual law brings consequences. We all have the right to form our own opinions, but expressing them insensitively, maliciously or publicly can cause disharmony, which violates the Law of Unity. Gossip spreads lies, discord and contempt, which causes a lot of disharmony and hatred. Prying into the affairs of others is a clear sign that our own life is dull and insignificant. The time and effort some people put into judging and condemning others would be better spent getting their own lives in order. Everyone has the right to privacy, and disrespecting this right is a violation of freedom. The paparazzi are major violators of this law, but so are the people who buy the magazines and newspapers that keep them in employment. Anyone who leads a happy and fulfilled life should have little interest in the affairs of other people, asides from their friends and family.

What is destiny?

Destiny is our chosen life path. Our destiny is not the product of our past – our past actions don’t propel us into the future; our past actions hold us back and impede our growth. It is the potential energy of what we have chosen (our intent), that creates our destiny and leads us through life. Our choices create a “vacuum” in front of us that pulls us along our chosen life path. It is in this “void” of pure potentiality that our life unfolds. We have already chosen our destiny (prior to this present moment), so now we have to accept it and allow it to manifest, or not. Destiny guides us towards a specific goal, but without our wilful participation we will not achieve our destiny.

What is fate?

Fate is usually seen as “set in stone” and often has negative connotations, e.g. the jury decided his fate. Fate is an agent that predetermines and orders the course of events. It means that events are “meant to be” and are set in motion by an external force or intelligence. Put simply: destiny is opportunity, and fate is karma. We are in control of our destiny but have no control over our fate.

What is karma?

Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning action, but it is generally understood to mean the consequences of our actions. Karma is often described as “cause and effect” because every action (or cause) has a corresponding consequence (or effect). Karma is not divine justice or retribution. It is not “an eye for an eye” or “what goes around comes around”. Karma is the universe seeking to restore balance, but not in the way that most people think. Karma is stored within us – by us – because karma is the stuff that we choose to hold on to, e.g. beliefs, stories, justifications, principles, thoughts, emotions and hurts. Karma manifests as a result of our negative emotions and thoughts (e.g. fear, shame, guilt, anger, regret, judgement, hatred and loathing), not towards other people, but towards ourself. If we let go of all this stuff, we can be free. If we fully accept ourself and fully forgive ourself we can be free.

Is karma fair?

In each incarnation we acquire some bad karma and some good karma. In each incarnation we suffer the consequences of some of our previous bad karma and reap the benefits of some of our previous good karma. During the early stages of our human evolution we all acquired large amounts of bad karma that must be gradually worked off. Because many people still have much more bad karma than good, seemingly favourable circumstances often have a sting in their tail. This is evident from the tumultuous lives of some celebrities and the people whose lives have been ruined by winning the lottery. Think of your karma as being two bank accounts – one for good karma and one for bad karma. Good karma can either be “spent” on pleasurable life circumstances or it can be used to “pay off” some of our bad karma. Less-developed people nearly always choose the first option; whilst more-developed people usually choose the second. This explains some of the iniquities of life, where honest and hardworking people live in poverty while selfish and corrupt people live a life of opulence.

What is the law of attraction?

The phrase “like attracts like” sums up the Law of Attraction. Our minds are like magnets that attract whatever we give our continued attention to. Everything that comes into our life is attracted by the thoughts and images we hold in our mind. Our thoughts influence our life, so whatever we think about most may eventually manifest. It doesn’t matter whether our thoughts are positive, negative or neutral; the Law of Attraction operates blindly and will respond to them. However, the Law of Attraction can be strengthened, weakened or postponed by the Laws of Karma and Destiny, so not everyone who dreams of winning the lottery or becoming a rock star will achieve success. The Law of Attraction is currently being exploited as a “get rich quick scheme” or a means of “manifesting your desires”. We always get what we wish for, although usually not as soon as we would like or quite as we expected. Every granted wish must be paid for out of our reserve of merit (good karma); otherwise it will add to our already large karmic debt. This consequence is overlooked by the ignorant advocates of “cosmic ordering” and the like. Yes it works, but it can be compared to spending all of our wages in one day, when the money needs to last us all month! So, by all means, utilise of the Law of Attraction but don’t misuse it.

What is precognition?

Precognition is acquiring knowledge of an event in advance of its occurrence by means of extra-sensory perception (ESP), premonition, prophetic dream or vision. Present events are the effects of causes that were set up in the past, and future events are the effects of causes that exist in the present. If the present causes are known, it may be possible to predict the effects that will most likely occur in the future. Causes work their way up from the world in which they originated to the causal world, then the effects work their way back down to the world they will manifest in. Clairvoyants may be able to see the “effects” as they work their way down through the emotional world before they manifest in the physical world, thus enabling them to predict the future. But they would have no way of knowing whether their vision related to an actual event or a fictional event created by someone’s imagination.

What is psychometry?

Psychometry is “reading” the past history of an object by accessing the memory that is inherent in all matter (the akashic record). Some clairvoyants use psychometry to give psychic readings about people who are not present by sensing their vibrational energy from a personal item such as a ring or a watch. The vibrational energy patterns of the object in question set up sympathetic vibrations in the reader’s subtle bodies, usually via the solar plexus chakra of their emotional body. This enables the stored memories to be accessed by their sub-conscious mind and subsequently raised up to conscious awareness.

What is psychokinesis?

Psychokinesis is the ability to move or influence an object by the power of thought, without the application of physical force. The power of the mind (will-power) can directly influence physical matter because everything in existence has some degree of consciousness. Scientists know that the results of experiments involving subatomic particles can be changed by the thoughts of the people who are observing the experiment. If a subatomic particle of matter can be influenced by the uncontrolled consciousness of a scientist, it follows that larger material forms can be influenced by someone with a well-trained, better developed and highly controlled consciousness. Nature spirits can also be invoked to move objects but that is magic, not psychokinesis.

What is telepathy?

Telepathy is a method of communication that does not utilise the physical senses but employs the direct transference of ideas, thoughts or emotions. The lowest type of telepathy is an instinctive and sub-conscious faculty that we all possess to some degree. It is the least effective type of telepathy, but it is more successful between people with close emotional bonds, such as mother and child or twins. It is only capable of sending and receiving vague sub-conscious impressions, such as sensing that someone is watching you or knowing who is calling when the phone rings. The faculty is difficult to use in a controlled manner and generally only happens spontaneously, which makes it difficult to scientifically prove. The higher types of telepathy are capable of sending and receiving coherent information, but only when both people are at the appropriate developmental stage and are sufficiently practised.

What is clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is the ability to objectively perceive the emotional (astral) world, or above. I use the word “ability” with slight reluctance because clairvoyance is usually the result of a damaged etheric web. So clairvoyance could technically be classed as a disability, albeit one that confers some very interesting “abilities”. Clairvoyance does not necessarily indicate a high level of consciousness or spiritual evolution because clairvoyants are found at all levels of human development. Contrary to popular belief, clairvoyance is not perceived through the “third eye” (brow chakra) but through the solar plexus chakra because that is the chakra that corresponds to the emotional or astral plane.

What is a spiritual medium?

The subtle bodies of a medium are more loosely connected together than they are in a regular person. This allows the subtle bodies to be easily disconnected and enables a non-physical entity to take temporary control of the medium’s entire physical-etheric body or a large portion of their etheric body. The medium’s physical-etheric body can be temporarily possessed by a non-physical entity to enable it to communicate with physical humans. The medium’s own emotional-mental body is displaced whilst the non-physical entity is in possession. The medium can also temporarily relinquish some matter from their etheric body to allow a nonphysical entity to manifest. The vibratory state of the etheric matter can be slowed down so that the etheric manifestation becomes visible to the human eye. Some of the etheric matter can even be temporarily condensed into physical matter to enable the entity to interact with the physical world.

What is channeling?

Channeling differs from mediumship in that the emotional-world entity does not take possession of the person’s entire body; they just take control of the voice-box or the arm (in the case of automatic writing). True ascended masters do not communicate in this way – they do not take control of anyone’s body or any part of their body.

Do psychic abilities mean I am highly evolved?

It is a common misconception that people with psychic abilities must be highly evolved individuals. The possession of psychic abilities does not indicate a person’s level of development any more than the possession of great physical strength does. We all have psychic potential, but our abilities usually lie dormant until they are activated. As with any skill, psychic abilities develop with regular use and diminish with lack of use. Psychic abilities can be learnt by almost anyone who takes the time and effort to learn them. But that time and effort would be better directed towards developing one’s consciousness. Psychic abilities that only surface when the person is in a trance indicate a low level of personal development.

What is craniosacral therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy facilitates the body’s natural ability to heal, restore and balance itself. ​It is a deeply relaxing treatment which helps balance the nervous system and enables the body to return to a healthier state following injuries or emotional trauma. Body tissues hold onto the results of injury and illness; craniosacral therapy invokes a powerful process which releases these tensions and restrictions. As it is such a gentle therapy, all ages can benefit, from new-borns to the elderly. Victoria Willis is an excellent craniosacral therapist in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

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