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Welcome to Evolving Souls

This website is for Evolving Souls, like you, who are interested in personal development, spiritual growth and the nature of reality.

It contains lots of interesting articles, including excerpts from my books The Science of Spirituality and Awakening to Wholeness, and some newer articles in the Blog. The website includes information about Self Discovery, Consciousness, The Enneagram, Human Nature, Wellbeing, Personal Development, Spiritual Awakening, Self Realisation, Non-Duality, Enlightenment, the Nature of Reality and the Meaning of Life.

I hope the website and books open your mind to a new way of thinking and your heart to a new way of being.

Lee Bladon

The free information here at Evolving Souls can help you to:

  • Find peace, happiness, meaning and fulfilment in your life, simply by exploring the inner world of your consciousness.
  • Develop presence and awareness to rediscover your true nature and free yourself from your limiting patterns.
  • Live more in the present moment, instead of worrying about the future or regretting the past.
  • Become more grounded, balanced, resilient and less reactive.
  • Cultivate a greater sense of self-worth to truly accept, value and love yourself.
  • Learn to engage with life on a deeper, more fulfilling level.
  • Identify your personality type and discover your limiting beliefs, emotional reactions and default behaviours.
  • Discover how your childhood history deeply imprints your soul and still profoundly influences who you are today.
  • Shine the light of awareness deep into your consciousness to reintegrate the repressed aspects of your being.
  • Experience and awaken to the spiritual realms of consciousness.

The Science of Spirituality

A ground-breaking book that integrates science, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and religion into a unified system that describes the multi-dimensional nature of man and the universe. It explains the science behind some religious, spiritual and new-age belief systems, and sheds light on some common misconceptions. Please click on the book image for further details…

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Awakening To Wholeness

A practical guidebook for psychological healing, personal development & spiritual growth. It describes a two-fold path of awakening that combines psychological and spiritual development. Psychology is concerned with the personal aspects of our being (i.e. body, emotions, mind & ego-self), and spirituality is concerned with the transpersonal aspects of our being (i.e. soul & true-Self).

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Who am I? What am I?

Who am I? What am I?

A Human Being = Self + Soul + Personality (mind, heart & body). Our Self (divine spark) is the transpersonal element of our being; our mind, heart & body are the personal elements; and our soul (or causal body) is the field of experiential awareness and unique blend of “essential qualities” that integrates them all into a Human Being.

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The False Self (who I am not)

The False Self (who I am not)

Unless we are enlightened or self-realised, we we have lost touch with ‘who we truly are’, and we live from a mentally-created false self or ego-self. Our belief that we are our ego self makes us feel separate and insecure – cut off from the unity and oneness.

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Happiness (part 1)

Happiness (part 1)

The one thing that we are all seeking in life is happiness. We might say that we are seeking fame, fortune, success, sex, excitement, adventure or spirituality, but all of these things are just strategies to find lasting happiness. None of these things actually make us happy; it is the value we put on them that makes us feel happy or not.

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