The Science of Spirituality

List of Articles

The Science of Spirituality – List of Articles

These articles are selected excerpts from the book The Science of Spirituality by Lee Bladon.

It is recommended that the articles are read in the correct order.

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Article 1a – The Problem with Evolution

If someone found a cell phone on the beach amongst the pebbles, they wouldn’t believe that the forces of nature had made it; they would assume that someone had dropped it there by accident. No one in their right mind would ever think that it formed naturally out of the metals and minerals that are naturally present within the Earth. No one would believe that a series of random events over millions of years could possibly produce something as complex as a phone. Yet many people do believe that a series of random events over millions of years produced the human race, and we are infinitely more complex than a phone!

Article 2a – Uniting Science and Spirituality

Scientists believe that our universe exists within a metaverse (meta-universe). The metaverse is timeless and eternal because it is an absolute void and totally unmanifest. Kabbalah has a term that exactly corresponds to the metaverse: “Ain” is the infinite nothingness; the void; non-existence; the eternal empty background; the zero. The universe is widely believed by scientists to have originated from a singularity, a single point that contains the infinite potential of the universe. Once again Kabbalah has an equivalent term: “Ain Soph” is the limitless (potential); the absolute source of creation; the one. Our universe has been compared to foam floating on a sea of zero-point energy, which is believed to exist at every point in the universe. No prizes for guessing that Kabbalah also has a term to describe it: “Ain Soph Aur” is the infinite light; the infinite energy that manifests our universe.

Article 2b – Uniting Medicine and Spirituality

There is an ever-increasing body of clinical evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of alternative treatments such as acupuncture and energy healing. This has led to more and more doctors accepting the possibility that human beings have a subtle energy body “inside” of our physical bodies. This section discusses research into out of body experiences (OBEs), near death experiences (NDEs), after-death communication, past-life regression.

Article 3a – The Multidimensional Universe

The hidden dimensions and unseen realms make up a much larger proportion of the universe than the physical parts which are visible to us – physicists know this and call the unseen parts “dark matter” and “dark energy”. Conventional science has not yet theorised a plan of these higher dimensions so we must look to ancient knowledge and alternative science for the answers.

Article 4a – The Creation of the Universe

The universe can be described as “positive existence” (or simply “existence”) and anything outside of the universe (i.e. the metaverse) can be described as “negative existence” (which is not the same as non-existence). Negative existence does not mean something doesn’t exist; it means it exists beyond space and time in a reality that we cannot even begin to comprehend.

Article 5a – Esoteric Theory of Everything

For many decades, scientists have been trying to devise a single unified theory to explain all known physical phenomena, but a model that appears to unite the seemingly incompatible String Theory and Standard Model has existed for 100 years. It described baryons, mesons, quarks and preons over 50 years before conventional science. It stated that matter is composed of strings 80 years before string theory. It described the existence of anti-matter 30 years before conventional science. It described the Higgs field over 50 years before Peter Higgs. It described the existence of isotopes 5 years before conventional science. Could this be the beginning of a Theory of Everything – the holy grail of modern physics?

Article 6a – The Multidimensional Human

There is evidence to suggest that other worlds or dimensions exist just beyond the range of our normal perception, but we remain unaware of them because our minds are not objectively conscious at these higher levels. Our normal level of consciousness is restricted in some way, preventing us from tuning in to these subtler realms. If you have young children you might have noticed them looking a things that don’t appear to be there or talking to “imaginary friends”. Very young children can actually see into these hidden worlds, but they lose the ability as they grow older.

Article 6b – The Constitution of Man

Consciousness cannot function directly through the physical body, which is little more than a garment that enables us to function in a physical environment. The physical body must be controlled via the etheric body; without it the physical body is unconscious and immobile. The physical and etheric bodies are therefore two halves of a whole, known as the physical-etheric body, which are only completely separated at physical death. Mans’ other bodies include the emotional (or astral) body, the mental body and the causal body (or soul).

Article 10a – An Introduction to the Seven Planes

A galaxy is a series of 49 interpenetrating spheres of matter from all 49 planes. A solar system is a series of 7 interpenetrating spheres of matter from 7 planes. A planet is a series of 3 interpenetrating spheres of matter from 3 planes (physical-etheric, emotional and mental-causal).

Article 12a – Esoteric Knowledge of Sleep

When we fall asleep the monad (self) detaches the consciousness thread from the physical-etheric brain and leaves the physical-etheric body, usually via the solar plexus or heart chakra, causing the physical body to become unconscious. The monad’s consciousness becomes whole (meta-conscious) when it is free from the body’s etheric web. The monad remains conscious or semi-conscious in the remote emotional-mental body. The life thread (silver cord) remains connected to the etheric-physical body to sustain it with life energies and to guide the remote subtle bodies back.

Article 12b – Esoteric Knowledge of Dreams

The events, emotions, thoughts, memories and lessons we learnt the previous day are all reviewed, organised and stored in our lesser causal body while we dream. The process can be compared to defragmenting the files on your computer (persona) and backing them up to an external storage device (lesser causal body). The monad (self) rapidly switches its awareness between the three units of the triad in order to organise the data, and this causes the rapid eye movements. The vibrations within the persona (etheric, emotional and mental bodies) set up sympathetic vibrations in the lesser causal body, which produce a permanent copy of the day’s lessons and experiences. During the process, memories, desires, emotions hopes and fears are churned up in the subtle bodies and are perceived by the nearby etheric body. The physical-etheric brain tries to make sense of these random thoughts and feelings by compiling them into a story which we experience as a dream.

Article 13a – A Brief Overview of Reincarnation

Reincarnation is the belief that a part of our consciousness will continue living after the death of the physical body and will be re-born into a new body here on Earth. The belief of reincarnation is widespread, in fact almost universal in the East, but it has never been that popular in the West. This is due to the scepticism of mainstream science and the fact that it is not really mentioned in the Christian Bible. However, times are slowly changing and more and more reputable doctors and scientists are now investigating aspects of reincarnation, including past life regression, near-death experiences and after-death communication.

Article 14a – OBEs, NDEs and Renmote Viewing Explained

Every time we fall asleep we have an out-of-body experience, but it is not a conscious experience. When we fall asleep our monad (self), along with our emotional, mental and lesser causal bodies, leaves our physical-etheric body. Exactly the same thing occurs in a conscious out-of-body experience (COBE), except that the exit point is different. A near-death experience is a type of conscious out-of-body experience that occurs at a time of intense physical distress.

Article 14b – Psychic Abilities Explained

It is a common misconception that people with psychic abilities must be highly evolved individuals. The possession of psychic abilities does not indicate a person’s level of development anymore than the possession of great physical strength does. We all have psychic potential but our abilities usually lie dormant until they are activated. As with any skill, psychic abilities develop with regular use and diminish with lack of use. Psychic abilities can be learnt by anyone who takes the time and effort to learn them, but that time and effort would be better directed towards developing their consciousness. Psychic abilities that only surface when the person is in a trance indicate a low level of personal development.

Article 14c – Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Channeling

Clairvoyance is the ability to objectively perceive the emotional (astral) world, or above. I use the word “ability” reluctantly because clairvoyance is usually the result of a damaged etheric web, which actually means clairvoyance is a disability (no offence intended). Clairvoyance is not a spiritual “gift”, nor does it necessarily indicate a high level of consciousness or spiritual evolution (clairvoyants are found at all levels of development). Contrary to popular belief, clairvoyance is not perceived through the “third eye” (brow chakra) but through the solar plexus chakra.

Article 16a – Destiny, Karma and the Law of Attraction

Think of your karma as being two bank accounts – one for good karma and one for bad karma. Good karma can either be “spent” on pleasurable life circumstances or it can be used to “pay off” some of our bad karma. Less-developed people nearly always choose the first option; whilst more-developed people usually choose the second. This explains some of the iniquities of life where honest and hardworking people live in poverty whilst selfish and corrupt people live a life of opulence. When a less-developed person chooses to spend all their good karma in one go they will enjoy wealth, power or fame for few years or perhaps an entire lifetime, but once their good karma is used up they will be relegated to many lives of poverty and suffering. This important factor is always overlooked in books on “The Law of Attraction, “The Secret”, “Cosmic Ordering” and “Abundance”.

Article 16b – The Meaning of Life

To give our lives meaning we need to make the most of the opportunities that confront us. We need to remember that everything in life is an opportunity for our consciousness to develop. We must not squander those opportunities or waste our lives on meaningless activities or get overly caught up in emotionality of life. Life is a long series of present moments that can only be experienced in the “now”. So don’t waste your present moments agonising over past moments or worrying over what you might experience in future moments.

Article 17a – Psycho-Spiritual Development

All living beings possess an inherent drive to evolve, to become the highest possible expression of life and to fully realise themselves. Personal development is the wilful co-operation with this natural evolutionary process, but an understanding of the processes involved is required if it is to be truly effective. We only learn lessons and develop new faculties through direct experience; theoretical learning does not develop consciousness. For example, seeing the word “fear” or “love” in print is not the same as experiencing it first-hand – that is why we incarnate.

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