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Interesting Videos

This webpage contains a selection of free online videos. The views and opinions expressed in the videos are not necessarily my own and I am not trying to influence anyone’s opinion; I am merely making them available to anyone who may be interested. Take a look for yourselves and make up your own mind!

BBC Horizon – The Secret You (start watching at 50mins)
The Primacy of Consciousness – Peter Russell (1hr 9mins)
Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain – David Lynch (1hr 49mins)
Understanding the Personality System with IFS (10mins)
Hakomi Therapy with Ron Kurtz (10mins)
The Holographic Nature of the Universe – Gregg Braden (10mins)
Waves and Particles (10mins)
Zeitgeist The Movie (2hrs)
Zeitgeist Addendum (2hrs 3mins)
Zeitgeist Moving Forward (2hrs 41mins)
Near-Death Experiences – To Hell and Back (1hr 29mins)

The Science of Spirituality

The Science of Spirituality Book

Awakening to Wholeness

Awakening to Wholeness Book