Interesting Videos

For Evolving Souls

Interesting Videos for Evolving Souls

Below is a selection of interesting videos about Consciousness, Free-Will, Psychological Healing, Personal Development, Spiritual Growth, Esoterics, etc.

The Primacy of Consciousness – Peter Russell (1hr 9mins)
Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain – David Lynch (1hr 49mins)
Understanding the Personality System with IFS (10mins)
Hakomi Therapy with Ron Kurtz (10mins)
The Holographic Nature of the Universe – Gregg Braden (10mins)
Waves and Particles (10mins)
Zeitgeist The Movie (2hrs)
Zeitgeist Addendum (2hrs 3mins)
Zeitgeist Moving Forward (2hrs 41mins)

The Science of Spirituality

The Science of Spirituality Book

Awakening to Wholeness

Awakening to Wholeness Book