Feel It to Heal It


Feel It To Heal It

If we don’t consciously and fully experience our physical, emotional and mental responses to life (as they occur in the present moment), our resistance causes them to become stuck (until such time as we are willing to consciously and fully experience them). This aspect of the inner work involves consciously and fully feeling these psychological blockages to “metabolise” them with the presence of our soul.

Presence-based techniques, such as Feel It to Heal It, are useful for healing issues without us having to fully understand them. Connecting with the body sensations as deeply as possible (from the inside) is the key to this approach, because the body and the soul are the only two aspects of our being that are anchored in the present (here and now). Intimately sensing the affected part of our body with our Self’s pure awareness intensifies our soul’s presence and the healing effect. 

feel it to heal it

There are two important factors to remember when using the Feel It to Heal It technique:

  • Don’t try to visualise structures or blockages dissolving because you may be deluding yourself that it is healed when it isn’t. Trust your felt sense over your imagined sense and you will know when it has dissolved. If you see images in your mind’s eye, that’s fine, they will probably give you more insight – just don’t try to change them – be a passive observer.
  • Don’t try to “fix” anything, because that means you are seeing it as a problem (and consequently rejecting it). You need to fully accept it, love it, embrace it and become one with it, because without being one with it how are you ever going to reintegrate it?

The healing and reintegrative power of presence techniques is greatly increased by the loving presence of other people. Their presence combines with our presence to produce a much more powerful field of healing presence. They don’t have to do anything except remain in loving presence (this is sometimes called “holding the space”).

Feel It to Heal It – Instructions

This body-centred approach is a very simple yet effective way of working with emotional ‘parts’, energetic blockages and ego structures.

  1. Connect with Presence: Before you begin, take a few really deep breaths and centre yourself. Connect with your soul by closing your eyes, spreading your awareness throughout your entire body (e.g. by expanding it from the feet up) and feeling your soul’s presence.
  2. Open Invitation: Gently invite your wounded parts, conditioned behaviours, reactive emotions and distorted beliefs to show themselves. Reassure them that it is safe to come out. Let them know that you would really like to get to know them and that they don’t have to be alone or afraid anymore. Invite them to tell you or show you their story.
  3. Pure Awareness: Pay attention to whatever arises, then move your awareness/presence into it. Really feel it and intimately merge with it so there is no separation. You and the feeling are one, but in a non-identified way; i.e. you feel it completely but you are not overwhelmed by it. Maintaining pure awareness enables your sense of identity to remain distinct from the feeling whilst still feeling it fully. It is a pure and intimate connection but it is still objective.
  4. Healing with Loving Presence: Acknowledge the part, reassure it, be with it, hold it, comfort it, accept it and love it. Loving presence really helps to heal your relationship with the part. You were too afraid to fully feel its pain all those years ago because your young and undeveloped consciousness didn’t have the capacity. Now, as an adult you easily have the capacity to feel pain and distress. The only thing that might stop you from maintaining an intimate connection is if you become over-identified with the traumatised part and allow its fear to overwhelm you. Establishing a deep connection with your soul’s presence before you begin reduces the chances of emotional flooding, but it does still happen sometimes.
  5. Reintegration: Allow your soul’s presence to dissolve into the part, and allow the part to dissolve into your presence. The exiled piece of soul will reunite with the rest of your soul, and the mental, emotional and energetic components will dissolve and reunite with their respective subtle bodies. Note: Inviting in essential qualities such as love, joy and strength deepen our connection with our soul and increase its healing and re-integrative effect.

Note: The fear, trauma, confusion and distress that are carried by an emotional ‘part’ or ego structure may become reactivated when using the Feel It to Heal It technique or doing any kind of “inner work”. If we focus our awareness solely on the area of emotional distress, it can sometimes feel as if the localised distress is overwhelming our entire being. This can be frightening, but it can be easily overcome by spreading our awareness throughout our entire body. Widening our focus in this way puts the scale of the emotion into perspective, i.e. it helps us to realise that only a small part of us is affected. Slow, deep breathing is also helpful because it dissipates the emotional energy.

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